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Francesca Fiorenza (Nonna) &
Vincenzo Domenico Panetta (Papa)

The Panetta Olive Grove

Olive oil is one of the oldest fruit juices, with uses dating back thousands of years. Historically, olive oil was not only used for culinary purposes, but also for skin care, medicinal uses, and even fuel for lamps. Now, it is prized for its wonderful rich flavors used in the culinary arts as well as its numerous health benefits including antioxidant properties.

There are hundreds of varieties of olives all over the world. Our extra virgin olive oil is made from the juices of Geracese olives. The Geracese olives are better known as “The King of Olives” for their unique and sought after aromatic flavors.

Our olive grove is located in a picturesque territory in the southern region of Calabria, Italy, near the rolling hills of Salvi, Siderno, facing the Ionian Sea.

Our olive trees start flowering in the early spring and as the summer months approach, small olive fruits become visible on the trees. The fruits start out green and then progress to a purple color. The olive fruits become black when they are fully ripened.

To ensure the highest quality olive oil, our harvest begins during the fall season when the olives are still green or just beginning to turn purple. Our olives are hand-picked and pressed within 12 hours of the harvest for maximum freshness. The olives are cold pressed, using temperatures below 27°C. This cold press technique is possible due to the unique climate of Salvi compared to northern regions where heat is required for extraction of oil. A cold press extracts all of the nutritional contents from the olives without using heat or unnecessary chemicals.

Our extra virgin olive oil is bottled unfiltered in order to capture every drop of the olives' robust flavors. Therefore, due to the unfiltered nature of our product, you may observe natural residues or deposits of olive paste that can be seen on the bottom of the containers.

Panetta Olive Oil was established by our late father, Vincenzo Panetta, in the 1940s. Vincenzo was raised by a single mother who was widowed at an early age. He grew up with very limited resources, walking from town to town selling his oil to his neighbors, often using a donkey to transport his goods. Over time, he was able to expand his orchard by purchasing parcels of land for himself and his family. He perfected his product, producing a high quality olive oil that was sought after by many buyers.

On October 5th, 2005, our patriarch sadly passed away. Now we, his children, seek to continue his legacy of providing a high quality, unadulterated, olive oil for families to enjoy in the United States.

Buon Appetito!
The Panetta Family

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